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Runna’s Top Triathlon Training Tips

Person on a racing bike.

Runna’s Top Triathlon Training Tips

Whether you have signed up for a 70.3 or full-distance Ironman triathlon, embarking on this journey will be an exciting one! It can be challenging to balance running, cycling, and swimming at the same time as it requires commitment and careful planning. But worry not, we have you covered and hope to be part of this journey leading you to a fascinating and fulfilling journey into triathlon training. This article will help guide you through the process from what kit you need to executing the perfect race day. 

Gear: what you will need to get started

Triathlon training requires a range of specific equipment for the run, bike, and swim, it can be a daunting task figuring out what equipment you need so we have simplified this for you. Invest in a well-fitting wetsuit and cosy swim goggles for the swim leg. A trustworthy road or triathlon bike and a helmet with a safety certification is essential for your bike leg. Make sure you have well fitting running shoes which are suitable for transitioning from the bike to run. A triathlon-specific race belt is essential for smooth transitions and is required for most races. While new triathletes need only these fundamentals, experienced competitors might decide to look into more advanced equipment to improve their performance further.

Triathlon Training

Training for a triathlon is an exciting adventure that needs a strong base to be successful. When venturing into the 70.3 or full ironman distance triathlons training will change from what you may be used to in terms of volume, frequency and intensity. A  well configured training schedule that alternates between running, cycling and swimming whilst gradually building volume and intensity over time is paramount. Where possible aim to include strength training to improve performance and prevent injuries. To avoid overtraining, be consistent with rest days, pay attention to your body, and take extended breaks when needed. Through commitment, strategic preparation and a drive to succeed you will be able to establish a strong base setting yourself up for triathlon success.

One term you may come across while researching 70.3 triathlon training is “brick sessions.” Brick training is a type of exercise where you run after your bike ride. By using this training strategy, you prepare your body for the exact conditions that you will encounter during your race. To get you started, we suggest incorporating a brick session into your training schedule at least once a month. Start off with a 15 minute run post cycle session and build from there. This will help you build the endurance and confidence you’ll need for the run leg post-cycle section of your triathlon. To check out a selection of personalised training plans, join Runna today and get your first week free!

Nutrition, Fuelling & Hydration

To get faster and stronger, you’ll need to nail your training sessions but also make sure you’re fuelling your recovery and making health-conscious nutrition choices too! To help optimise your recovery, look to keep your protein high, take on plenty of carbs before and after your tougher sessions and if you’re looking to really push the pace or distance, don’t be afraid to experiment with caffeine too. Since you are taking on three sports, fueling properly in training is key to get the best out of yourself. Do not introduce any new fueling methods on race day which you have not used in training as this can be a recipe for a disaster on race day. Due to not being able to consume food when swimming, the bike section will be important in ensuring you get enough nutrition onboard to fuel your run. Within your training, get familiar with fuelling on the bike and find out what nutrition strategy works best for you. It is important to note that everyone is different so experiment a bit and don’t leave it too close to race day! For further nutritional guidance check out our articles covering our nutrition top tips from when to eat to how to fuel here

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