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Meet our sponsor Big Bobble Hats, the best bobble hats you’ll find anywhere in the world!!

The perfect beanie or bobble hat was yet to be created until co-Founders Ian and Tamara joined forces in 2010 creating the WORLD RENOWNED Big Bobble Hat!

First launched in the French Alps 13 years ago, they now sell over 100 unique Big Bobble Hat styles and have also expanded their clothing range which now includes beanies, hats, baseball caps and an array of clothing.

Our first encounter with Big Bobble Hats was in 2013 at a Triathlon expo in Manchester. Their exciting and outlandish bobble hats caught our attention along with everyone else attending the show. With a small family team behind the brand, Ian’s Mum was even getting in on the action, knitting some of the product that they were selling at the show. From that first encounter at the show, Ian and the team came to our Kielder Marathon event, having to restock midway through the event weekend due to popularity. The relationship with EOTN events continued to grow and they’ve been a regular in every one of our runner villages as well as one of our first sponsors for The Northumbrian.

Over the past 10 years they have grown hugely, partnering with the UCI and many more sport associations and federations as well as a regular at most events. Their hats are now worn all over the globe, from family ski trips to hiking mountains with friends. Big Bobble Hats can be worn anywhere, any occasion, any season! All their products are named by fans through social media competitions. Some of the fan favourites, The Baked Beano, Better Slate than Never and Chari-Hats of Fire…. so you could find yourself naming the next Big Bobble Hat if you join their Facebook community!

Find them at The Northumbrian full and half-distance iron distance triathlon at the stunning and spectacular Kielder Water and Forest on the 2nd of July 2023

Order your limited edition Northumbrian hat from the merchandise store